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About AITA

Australasia Investment and Trade Association (AITA) is a not-for-profit organization registered in Melbourne, Australia. The main objectives is to provide assistance, guidance and project opportunities for Asian business investors to develop successful business ventures and partnerships in investments and trade.



Australia provides a safe, low-risk environment for investors- AAA by all three global rating agencies. Agribusiness, education, tourism, mining and wealth management are the 5 sectors expected to enjoy rapid growth in the coming years.The State of Victoria has a vibrant and creative atmosphere and its education system is internationally regarded.



The signing of the China Australia Free Trade Agreement and the announcement that Australia would operate as a settlement hub for renminbi (RMB) trading, provide a significantly improved international market access for Australian products and services.China is expected to account for almost half of a 75% increase in world food demand between 2007 and 2050.


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