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Dr Lihai Zhang


Associate Professor Lihai Zhang is a staff in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering, Melbourne School of Engineering at The University of Melbourne, and also in the Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University. He has extensive experience in multidisciplinary research and program development with successful track record in both Civil Engineering and Biomedical Engineering areas. His work on life-cycle performance of bridges under heavy trucks in conjunction with Non-destructive Testing techniques has built strong links with industry both nationally and internationally (e.g. VicRoads, Roads and Maritime Services, Australia). He is also innovatively applying his Civil Engineering knowledge in his Biomedical Engineering research by working with Epworth Hospital and Johnson & Johnson Medical. This gives him a leading advantage and a unique angle to solving outstanding human health problems in the areas of osteoporotic bone fracture healing and osteoarthritis.


Currently, Associate Professor Zhang is Deputy Editor of Australian Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Electronic Journal of Structure Engineering. He is Founding Director of Melbourne-Shenzhen Rehabilitation Research Centre, and a member of the executive committee of Australasia Investment and Trade Association.


张立海博士为墨尔本大学工程学院基础设施工程系副教授, 也是蒙纳仕大学医疗系高级讲师.  他 拥有土木工程及生物医药工程跨学科的成功研发经验,  他的桥梁生命周期检测技术,利用工程力学原理及无损检测方法对重型卡车对桥梁结构性能的影响作出准确推测, 使之与全澳道路管理网络( 包括维州路局以及澳洲道路及海事服务机构等) 合作密切.    同时, 张博士非常创新地将其在土木工程学科所学到的知识用于生物医药工程的研究, 与Epworth 医疗集团及强生医疗合作,用独特的角度去解决骨质疏松性骨折愈合和骨关节炎等人类健康问题。

张博士目前担任澳大利亚结构工程电子期刊之副编及澳洲机械工程期刊之副编; 为墨尔本-深圳康复医疗研发中心之奠基人, 于2015年起担任澳亚投资与贸易协会执行理事。