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Dr Russell Walker, Managing Director, PRAECEDO INTERNATIONAL

russellwalkerDr Russell Walker is an expert at bringing together and negotiating mutually beneficial value propositions for a diverse range of stakeholders and is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He has held a range of research, innovation and strategic advisory positions across SE Asia, China, Europe and the United States. Russell has held the roles of Senior Advisor to the Victorian Office of Science and Technology, Victorian Centre for Advanced Materials Manufacturing (VCAMM) and the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication. He has recently held the positions of Chair of the G21 Economic Development Pillar and the Geelong Region Innovation and Investment Fund (GRIIF) Consultative Committee.  As the immediate Past Executive Director of Enterprise Geelong, Russell negotiated and executed the highly publicised Memorandum of Economic Cooperation between China’s Jiangsu Industrial Overseas Development and Planning Association (Jiangsu Development and Reform Commission) and the City of Greater Geelong (Australia).

澳大利亚公司董事协会成员 Russell Walker, 罗素沃克博士,成功促成了许多机构间的双赢合作。应东南亚和欧洲地区,包括中国、美国在内的许多国家邀请,担任多家企业研发、创新及战略开发顾问等职务。他是维多利亚科学技术办公室、维多利亚先进材料生产中心及纳米技术开发中心的高级顾问。近日,新任G21经济发展支柱及吉朗地区创新投资基金顾问委员会主席。在担任吉朗政府产业部主任期间,促成维多利亚州吉朗市与中国江苏对外投资与规划协会(江苏省发改委下属机构)签署合作备忘录。