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Huo Enquan

huoWhen working as the Deputy Director General of International Cooperation Centre at National Commission of Development and Reform of China (NDRC), Enquan Huo is well-known globally for his contribution in promoting management & technology exchange and Government leadership programs in many countries including China, Australia, Singapore, UK, France, Italy, Germany, US, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Cananda, Chily and Brazil.

As a Senior Government Director, Mr Huo led his team to complete a number of national and foreign multilateral and bilateral cooperation projects, including: the State Commission – United Nations Development Programme’s economic reform of the international exchange and cooperation projects, China – The World Bank’s technical assistance project, China – Asian Development Bank SOE Reform Project Cooperation, China – Canada training of migrant workers and improve the rural grassroots cadres project management capacity, China – Australia Governance Project, China – transformation of old industrial bases in Germany and vocational training projects; China – Australia Taihu Lake water pollution control pilot project, strategic planning to address climate change capacity-building projects, Environment Development Partnership between China – Government of Canada, the transfer of rights and interests of migrant workers and technical cooperation projects as well as Culture and Heritage Protection of National Minorities project.

霍恩全毕业于北京外国语大学英国语言文学系, 曾任国家发改委司级干部多年,主要负责国际合作与交流项目,带领他的团队完成了多项国家级多边和双边中外合作项目,包括:国家体改委-联合国开发计划署的经济改革国际交流合作项目、中国-世界银行的技术援助项目、中国-亚洲开发银行合作的国有企业改革项目、中国-加拿大农民工培训和提高农村基层干部管理能力项目、中国-澳大利亚政府治理项目、中国-德国老工业基地转型及职业培训;德中经济技术合作项目; 中国-澳大利亚“太湖水污染治理试点项目”“应对气候变化战略规划能力建设项目”“环境发展伙伴项目”;中国-加拿大政府“农民工转移权益技术合作项目” “少数民族文化与遗产保护项目”等。 在澳亚投资与贸易协会的要求下, 霍司无偿为中澳政府及企业提供免费咨询与帮助,用多年的经验人脉及超卓的智慧能力, 积极推进澳中两国民间贸易及双边投资的发展。