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KOBY JONES, Managing Director, the SILC Group

kobyjonesKoby Jones is the Founder, Responsible Officer and Managing Director of The SILC Group – a specialist financial services provider to wholesale private, commercial and institutional clients.  Koby has considerable experience spanning across both Global Financial Markets and Private Wealth Management with major Financial Institutions including Westpac, NAB and ANZ, as well as Wilson HTM Investment Group.   His product experience covers all investment asset classes, structured finance and extensive financial markets exposure, while in his various capacities he has dealt with many varied clients ranging from Corporates to High-Net-Worth Individuals.


SILC 集团创始人兼董事长KOBY JONES, 科比琼斯, 专业从事金融服务,拥有多种金融服务产品的骄人业绩,包括国际金融市场及私募基金管理,与多家主要银行及基金会合作,包括Westpac, NAB,ANZ 及Wilson HTM投资集团。尤其在资金重组及投资管理方面,经验丰富,为企业与高净值个人提供量体裁衣式的一对一服务。