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Mario Biasin, Founder and Director of Metricon Group

mariobiasinAs a Co-company Founder and Director of the Metricon Group, Mario has enjoyed more than 38 years experience in the residential property industry. The Metricon Group is one of Australia’s leading new home builders and one of the country’s leading land developers. Its operations span the eastern states of Australia, including: Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.

Metricon 集团总裁 Mario Biasin, 马里奥柏森,在澳大利亚开发与建筑界,Metricon 集团享有盛名,首屈一指,马里奥柏森身为该集团创始人,担任该集团董事长,从事民用地产开发38年之久,集团项目遍布澳大利亚全国,特别是东部沿海地区,维多利亚州、新南威尔士州、昆士兰州及南澳州的各大中小城市。